The following lectures have sprung out of an ache to articulate the role of art in life, especially for the next generation of artists. They have been presented in a variety of settings: colleges, conferences and study centers. Lectures may be combined into a series for conferences or retreats.

Art in Everyone’s Everyday Life

It’s All Just for Fun! Seeing the Whole Cosmos as God's Good Gallery

God is an Artist, People are Made in His Image: Being Human, Making Things

The Future of Stuff: Will It All Burn Up at the End?

Establish The Work of Our Hands: Undoing 2000 Years of Platonism in the Church

Twin Ultimates and One Dazzling Glory: A Trinitarian Understanding of Beauty

Painting and Window Washing With Niggle: Four Art Lessons With Mr. Tolkien

Inscrutable and Trivial: Why Most People Are Alienated from Art

Amateur God: The Gratuitous Nature of Art and Lessons for Everyone’s Work

Whispering Lies or Whispering Truth? The Importance of Good Art on Everyone's Kitchen Wall

Cloud of Unknowing: The Triumph and Tragedy of Mysticism in Christian Art

Godly Gifts, Human Desire: How the Church Can Encourage and Employ Artists

Culture and Kerygma: Why They Need Each Other Like Body and Soul

Art & Parenting: For the could be, the would be, the ‘has been’ and the now sleepless parent

A Lifetime of Learning to Paint Like a Child: Cultivating Imagination in Kids

Will There Be Lego in Heaven? A Serious Theology of Toys and Play

Insulation Belongs in the Attic, Not Wrapped Around Your Kids!

'Dad, What’s Circumcision? What’s a Harlot?’ Lessons From Family Bible Reading

Equipped for Liberty or a Guaranteed Outcome: Art and God’s Goal for Parents

For Artists––and those who love them

Love, Beauty, Body and Craft: Old Advice to Young Image-Making Image Bearers

They Come in Kevlar or They Come Naked: Iconoclastic vs. Iconopoetic Art

Already But Not Yet: The Dangers of Perfectionism and Pragmatism in Making Art

Prostitute, Prometheus, or Lover: Motivational Mainsprings for Artists

I Write With My Fingers: Nurturing Creativity Toward Disciplined Productivity

Propaganda or Shalom: Should Christian Art Be Evangelistic?

Gift Economy: Neighbor-Love and the Business of Making a Living as an Artist