The Show

“Over the years, I have come to all of the art shows on campus. This is the only one that moved me to tears.” Assistant Dean at Indiana Wesleyan University

“Mark Potter’s carvings for Bone of My Bones are examples of the finest craft and vision. They reveal how, in the hands of a master craftsman, wood can be coaxed into speaking, even singing. The fact that Mark has attempted to make wood sing about marriage––about the union of bodies and spirits––is a testimony to his holy ambition: to draw our attention to the fact that in matrimony the math is mysterious: one plus one equals one. Bone of My Bones is stylistically diverse—showing Mark’s versatility— but it is also unified, not simply around the theological theme of marriage, but also in the sense of each piece having been crafted by the same loving hands and the same keen eye for form.” Bruce Herman, Lothlorien Distinguished Chair, Gordon College

What is Bone of My Bones?

Bone of My Bones: Wood Sculptures Celebrating the Meaning and Mystery of Marriage is made up of about forty pieces created over a period of thirteen months. The show opened February 28, 2014 in Indiana. Since then, it has been in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. It is still on the road, traveling to college campuses, churches and a variety of venues.

Along with the wood sculptures, Bone of My Bones includes written descriptions of each sculpture. Thus the art show is made up of wood and words which dance together to invite the viewer into a deep meditation on marriage, its great difficulty and enormous cost, its usual humdrum feel, its potentially staggering beauty, its vast scope and immeasurable significance. Yet both the wood and the words are crafted to be very accessible.

Bone of My Bones is an attempt by this sinner to ‘sing’ with wood in God’s broken-but-being-restored world a very small part of the all-glorious Trinity Song. My hope is that you might hear the Song more clearly, feel it more deeply, revel in it more energetically, and then, with gusto in body and soul, sing and dance your unique part with fidelity and freedom, truth and creativity, unity and diversity––that is, with love. 

“The exhibit was a beautiful reminder of the beauty of God's gift of marriage. I felt like I was attending a wedding, walking down the aisle of the sanctuary, reading the writings and then approaching the visuals. Thanks for sharing!” Glenda Monterey