Gallery Talks

“Mark's work is as graceful as it is thought-provoking. His use of shape and color, his skill in showing both contrast and harmony, reflect his deep insight into relationship and truth. As one walks around the different pieces, it is remarkable how clearly the thoughts and mind of the artist glow from the polished wood. When Mark began describing his philosophy about art and truth, it felt strangely familiar. I realized that it was because I had already seen this philosophy in nonverbal form: the smooth curves, the glowing undertones, the joyful ache of old-become-new, all of it was the unspoken truth of his philosophy. I consider my interaction with Mark's work as a truly holy experience.” Esther Van Dyke

I thoroughly enjoy giving fifteen minute gallery talks to introduce the Bone of My Bones show. The introductory talk is typically followed by a Q & A session. If the show is open multiple days, I will gladly give different talks at each showing.