Host a Show

Host a Show

Bone of My Bones is suited to gallery and non-gallery spaces, seasoned art-appreciators and those who don't usually attend art events. Set-up can be adapted to many spaces including art galleries, church halls or sanctuaries, conferences, private homes, businesses or non-profits. All equipment for displaying the show, including pedestals, travel with the show, so if you have a space with a minimum of 800 square feet, it can be made to work. I generally need a minimum of eight hours to set up the show. 

“I loved being greeted by the ‘Lonely Man’ as one entered the show. Standing there proud and great, yet stark, unformed, and cold––like the way we are tempted to transit through life. Moving past him, one discovers what love and marriage does––it shapes us, brings out the beauty God created us to exhibit, gives us a warmth and a story. In teaching and counseling situations, I've already recalled the pieces ‘Old Love’ and ‘Young Love’ and ‘Love Dares.’ The timeline of Mark's parents’ marriage made me hopeful and reminded me that it will be the long story that is the true story. I wish Cindy and I could have had a couple hours to tour the show together on a date!” Pastor Jeff Schneider

If you are interested in having Bone of My Bones at your place, let me know. It works as a one-day event, a weekend event, or a traditional month-long gallery show.

Art at its best is all about love––love for God, love for neighbor and love for craft––all while engaged with and expressed by the body and soul of the artist and others involved. I have poured out my love in the making of the art work, but your love also needs to be engaged for a Bone of My Bones visit to work well at your place. So, if you do want the show to come, plan to gather your team to imagine how it can best serve your people and neighbors. Dream up and then sketch for me your ideal, most loved scenario––what your hearts would love to see happen.

Past Shows 

Indiana Wesleyan University, Beard Arts Center, Marion, IN

Gordon College, Barrington Center for the Arts, Wenham, MA

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL

L'Abri Christian Study Center, Southborough, MA

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, MI

Chestnut Street Chapel, Gap, PA

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, PA

Trinity Fellows Academy, Royal Oak, MD