Lectures Titles on the Topic of Marriage:

Trinity, Church and Spouse: The Three-Storied Union

What is Love? What is Marriage? What is Covenant?

High Art in Humble Dress: What is Marriage For?

Adam’s Song: Celebration of Unity and Diversity Embodied

Male and Female: The Real Images of God in The Real Gallery of God

Naked and Not Ashamed: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

Law Expresses Love: Reading the Ten Commandments as a Marriage Document

When Marriage is For Worse: Lessons in Health and Healing From Hosea

Your Maker Has Become Your Husband: How Everyone In Christ is Already Married

You Die, You Live: Cross and Resurrection in Everyday Married Life

Romance is the Deepest Thing There Is: Understanding the Desire for and the Common Idolatry of Romantic Love

Why Get Married? Why Stay Single? 

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